Does it shock you? Is this legal? Will we get into trouble? The answer is no we won’t get in trouble. Yes, it’s legal. And if this shocks you then chuck your computer out the window and then follow that up by plummeting to your death.

The censors can kiss my ass. The haters can process their rage elsewhere. You shall find no flags here and your feelings mean fuck all. So take the tit pic to your dome and appreciate the fact that you can do nothing about it even if you wanted to.

Youtube is the titanic, this website is me hopping off on the iceberg and laughing as the ship goes down.

Ana Kasparian Is Better Than You – Much Better

Just a reminder that this is the thought process that goes through the mind of the regressive. It’s their motivating force. Once you understand this, almost everything they say and do makes sense. It’s a disgusting character flaw and their bubbles need to be burst whenever possible.

Ana is not better than any single one of us. She is a wretched, talentless, hook nosed, vain, narcissistic bitch. And that is the truth.

What is the Secretariat Effect?

The Secretariat Effect is a term that I’ve coined to explain the following.

It’s the idea that your greatness is measured by the  distance between you and your competition. If you aren’t great, fear not, just make your competition appear to be worse than they are and the margin of your vicotry will appear impressive.

As in, Secretariat’s famous victory wasn’t impressive because he won a race, it was the fact that he beat the other horses by 20 lengths. He might have been slow as fuck, but the visuals of it made him seem like a stud.

It’s Awesome To Be White

As if you weren’t already completely aware of that. Bitch please. It’s about time we stop with the 4chan watered down parody of ‘it’s okay to be white’ and begin to assert with strength and certainty, that there not only isn’t a single fucking thing wrong with being white, but that being white is friggin awesome. They know it, we know it.  So say what you know and have zero shame as well as zero fucks given. And if anyone has a problem with that, tell them that uncle Devon wants them to come to Berlin so I can knock them the fuck out.

Jesus’s Ass Brought Down My Youtube Channel

I shit you not. This 2 second sequence of Jesus’s bare ass from the film The Last Temptation of Christ was the reason I was given a strike. 1 of the 3 completely horse shit strikes that brought down my channel. I will be appealing this and asking for your help in this process.  Stay tuned.