Meet A Viewer : Izzy

Meet Izzy

Izzy Allen is an adorable and bright 15 year old girl from England who aspires to attend one of her country’s premiere universities so that she can one day become an astrophysicist or dolphin trainer or wage gap victim or whatever it is that little girls aspire to be. 

She is a product of the 21st century and has a lot going for her. Her very presence in a chat room or comment section triggers hundreds of people who are profoundly uncomfortable with the notion of communicating with a minor.  Her age and gender bring with it a dense cloud of sexual tension that nobody is immune to. 

Please try talking to her for yourself and see how quickly you forget that she is only slightly older than your favorite pair of underwear. Then as you stew in the realization that you are not only talking to a 15 year old on the internet,…….you are thoroughly enjoying it. 

Then gasp at the realization that the last time you spoke to a 15 year old, you yourself were 15. And let’s be real, those girls wanted nothing to do with your geeky awkward ass.  Well, not to fear, neither does Izzy. But she is a sharp as a tack cutie whom I am happy to know. 

Long live the Izzernet!