A Conversation With Jared Taylor

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  1. Patrick says:

    Interesting point around 1:44:00. I remember a few years ago when the white kid was kidnapped and beaten up by a gang of black kids. I remember thinking that if I were there lawyer I would make the case that they were brainwashed by the media into hating whites. I would show the jury a plethora of articles, headlines, videos from mainstream media sources (such as MTV) which were demonising whites. I think that eventually, something like that will happen and it could be a watershed moment in America.

  2. David O'Doherty says:

    Amazing conversation! I’ve been looking forward to this since you first brought up Mr Taylor in a video. I was not disappointed. I was especially fascinated by the right/left dichotomy you discussed. As an ex leftist-new right winger it’s good to know that race realism is becoming less and less associated with the right. It’s too important an issue to get bogged down in irrelevant aspects of politics during these sorts of challenging and complicated topics. Excellent form gents!

  3. Cenk is a pedophile, listen and believe. says:

    I’ve often wondered if blacks singing ability is because of the lack of writing, or at least a complex one, perhaps their innate ability for rythme and rythme and rhyme basically helps them remember the their history better. Many people’s who have an oral tradition of passing down information and history have found very clever ways of doing it, for instance the Inuits would name places with specific names or after significant events, this would tell them the history, and if need be a quasi warning of bad places. Anyway ryhme and rythme are a on intetesting way to program the brain to remember the oral tradition and history.

  4. Rationalific says:

    1:48:54 – I liked the question about Sargon. I’m sure that Sargon did, too. The “secretly showing love through taunting” thing is not fooling anyone! 🙂

    1. Travis Hammer says:

      I like Sargon, I really do, but he is willfully ignorant when it comes to identity politics. He can’t accept that identity matters and ideally it wouldn’t, but the reality is that intersectional factions of the left’s identity politics aren’t going to be swayed to his egalatarian pipe dream of civic nationalism, it’s just not going to happen, it has given them to much cultural and political power. The only solution for whites is to band together and create a racial identy advocacy group in order to counter the left’s coalition of anti whiteness. I wish we could live in the world Sargon envisions, but history and experience has shown us otherwise.

      Also the whole left right paradigm is a facade, whites of all stripes can come together to protect our people, politics is a secondary issue.

  5. Michelle Orten says:

    The fact that this interview was censored by YouTube, but Francesca Ramsey and the Root are acceptable should be an alarm bell to every white person.

    There is nothing wrong with whites advocating for their people and culture.

  6. Travis Hammer says:

    I would bet that on average blacks would agree with Jared Taylor’s overarching racial message than whites. We need to change that.

  7. Travis Hammer says:

    They ban Jared Taylor as much as they can because they know he isn’t really a monster
    Like they want us to believe.
    The reality is he is articulate, reasonable, and a very nice man, who doesn’t hate other races but simply love and wants to preserve his race. He is only guilty of being white and unashamed about it.

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