Does it shock you? Is this legal? Will we get into trouble? The answer is no we won’t get in trouble. Yes, it’s legal. And if this shocks you then chuck your computer out the window and then follow that up by plummeting to your death.

The censors can kiss my ass. The haters can process their rage elsewhere. You shall find no flags here and your feelings mean fuck all. So take the tit pic to your dome and appreciate the fact that you can do nothing about it even if you wanted to.

Youtube is the titanic, this website is me hopping off on the iceberg and laughing as the ship goes down.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic tool! I always buy domains for my affiliate links so there’s no chance of anyone stealing my links! But I will definitely look into this, thanks!

  2. FineScan 會在肌膚上製造數以千計的細小深入傷口,即所謂的顯微加熱區(microthermal zone),但要確保每次治療時皆有部份組織不受能量影響,於是,每一個顯微加熱區的作用雖然強烈而明顯,但周圍都包覆著正常且結構完整的皮膚組織,使傷口能在短時間內癒合,並替換之前有缺陷的受損組織。Finescan不僅可讓表皮新生,更可促進深層膠原再生,從內而外徹底喚醒細胞,瞬時找回年輕時的肌膚狀態。憑藉最新的雙軸技術,FINESCAN 6可治療 – 面部 – 頸部 – 暗瘡凹凸洞 – 增生性疤痕

  3. Tyler says:

    Yo man i know its tough out there but where have you been, you havent made a video in almost 2 weeks, im starting to go through withdrawl.. i look everyday for the new AIU vid, and nothing. When you gonna get back to attacking these homos with the truth and whipping that ass with the knowlege?!

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