It’s Awesome To Be White

As if you weren’t already completely aware of that. Bitch please. It’s about time we stop with the 4chan watered down parody of ‘it’s okay to be white’ and begin to assert with strength and certainty, that there not only isn’t a single fucking thing wrong with being white, but that being white is friggin awesome. They know it, we know it.  So say what you know and have zero shame as well as zero fucks given. And if anyone has a problem with that, tell them that uncle Devon wants them to come to Berlin so I can knock them the fuck out.


  1. Andy Jones says:

    Fuck yes. I wish all of us whites were like this. No hostility to other races, just acknowledging that white people invented everything good in this modern civilisation we find ourselves in and no fucking guilt. We (you and I) did nothing wrong. Just like the Führer… just kidding.

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